Puberty Monthly : December

Hi! This is the first issue of Puberty Monthly ~ in it you will find updates on my work and my ongoing project Puberty, but also fun things I want to share with you - kind of like a mini magazine. 

I love building community through art and I’ve been looking for a space where that can happen outside of Instagram, so I’m hoping this letter can facilitate that. I’m really excited to see how this project evolves over the months, and thank you for being here! 

ps : if you’re receiving this it’s either because a. you subscribed or b. you expressed interest in keeping up with my work at some point in time ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

I’m currently working on the final sequencing of my book Puberty - coming out in 2021 through Yoffy Press (you’ll be the first to know when it’s available for pre-orders).

This month, I’m editing images I shot in Mexico in February, in pre-pandemic times. I’ve been loving letting my images sit for a while, and revisiting them once I’ve gotten a bit of perspective on whatever I was going through while they were made. These feel like a daydream to me now.

Books for the colourful artist in your life

  1. Snail World by Aleia & Sam Copeland

  2. New Album by Gab Bois

  3. Pin-up Guinea Pigs 2021 Calendar by KOEKKOEK

  4. I Can Make You Feel Good by Tyler Mitchell

  5. Black Futures by Kimberly Drew & Jenna Wortham

  6. Carnal Knowledge: Sex Education You Didn’t Get In School by Zoe Ligon & Elizabeth Renstrom

  7. Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield (not a new release but a book I was obsessed with last year)

Support artists and small businesses with these fun gifts!

  1. Heart Notes zine by Wishcandy

  2. Bootleg Simpsons Screenshots by Ginette Lapalme (all proceeds go directly to Encampment Support Network) - message artist for current available pieces

  3. Cutest merch from Danny Brito (I want everything in the store!!)

  4. Snail Mail Club subscription by Nina Drew

  5. Cloudland Rainbows print by Studio Mucci

  6. What in the fuck risograph print by Mean Machine

  7. Unsolicited Advice 2021 weekly planner by Adam Jk

  8. You are a light print by Slimy Oddity

  9. Soft Mood : customizable portrait print by Mel Stringer x Stay Home Club

  10. Committed to the chaos tee by Sensitiveassfish

I was listed as part of this year’s “The 30 Photographers” list (previously PDN 30) // Puberty was shortlisted for this year’s Burtinsky grant // I created a public art installation in collaboration with the city of Montreal & Massivart highlighting community members doing essential work in my childhood neighborhood // I’ve been doing a takeover on Women Photograph sharing work from the first two chapters of Puberty

& last but not least, I set up a new print sale for the holidays! You can check it out in my print store

I’ve been able to sustain my practice largely through print sales this past year and it has been honestly such a blessing! This month I have all new postcard sets, posters, 8x10 archival prints and custom options ♥‿♥


For back pain : I’ve spent significantly more time at my desk & on my phone the last few months than I ever have, and my body is not happy about it. I’ve started using pain relief heat patches the last few weeks and they’ve been such a game changer!!! Highly recommend if you have any chronic back pains. These things (they have them at all pharmacies) :


I’ve been listening to really upbeat / happy music and changing my lightbulb to bright colours at night. I’m currently obsessed with all of Rosalía’s songs, but especially the music video for Juro Que / “Fever” by Dua Lipa x Angèle, so much so that here’s a one hour loop of it. / Hunny Bee by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (just the chillest vibes) and this lofi youtube mix of old timey love songs for when I’m working.


Onesies. Onesies for everyone and every occasion. Whenever I go for walks around the neighbourhood it always makes a kid’s day to see me dressed up like a fluffy giraffe. I also think designer blankets are going to be a big thing in 2021.


Lately in Montreal the days have been very dark but very mild, and I’ve gotten into the routine of going for bike rides in the evening. There’s no one on the streets and I get to look at all the holiday lights and have a moment of quiet. I’ve also been getting into paint by number games on and off-line. Being away from a screen for a bit and playing with colours feels very soothing. I got a custom paint by number kit of my cat Vashti from this small business (mii creative) so that’s what I’ll be up to for the next month. 

Also this reddit thread of “animals I didn’t know existed”


Snack of the Month is: fully loaded spicy peanut butter ramen & instant milk tea

See you next month!!