July Letter

We made it to August! I spent most of last month writing, proofing and exporting files for the 2020 chapters of my book (excerpts below) // Thinking about : the camera as a tool for time travel.


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  1. Exhibition @ La Chambrée in Rennes 

  2. The print above is up for auction as part of Artsida 11, supporting ACCM - Lucky’s workplace! They do great work with Elders living with HIV/AIDS. You can place a bid on this piece here & it will also be framed for you!

  3. I have three new 8x10 archival prints available in my print store ✿ edition of 10 copies each ✿

  4. I had the best time giving my workshop on photographing & retouching bright colours this past month! I will be giving an encore of this workshop on Daisie - Thursday August 19 @ 2 pm EST

This month’s artist spotlight is Coyote Park - we’ve been in conversation a lot lately, and our images share similar visual x emotional language, so I think you all will appreciate their work.

Coyote Park (he/they) is a 2Spirit, mixed race (Korean, White, Native American) artist from Honolulu, Hawai'i that currently lives in Tongva Territory/Los Angeles. They are a photographer and storyteller who is Indigenous to California.

Park's practice is community and collaboration oriented, as they make photographs with their romantic partners and friendships. They are continuing to make photos in New York, California, and Hawai'i with other QTPOC and of queer/trans couples, evolving their work through time and new experiences. - from coyote’s website


  1. Summer of Soul - the best live music in Harlem, circa 1969. Stream on Disney+ / or go see it in Montreal at Cinema du Parc

  2. Still can’t get over the fact that prince is actively releasing new music from the great beyond. His new album dropped this week! You can stream it on Spotify here

  3. So happy to see more and more artists on Patreon! Subscribe to my Patreon today to receive my August snail mail package & exclusive print + access to all the resources I share on there ♥

More visual artists you will enjoy on Patreon: Hobbes Ginsberg / Mel Stringer / Nina Drew / Billy Star

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pps: if you want a laugh, look up “how tall is caillou?” - I’m 4’11, for comparison

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