May Letter

Hi hi! This month has been such a whirlwind - Nina and I moved into a new room that I spent the last couple of months designing and it’s coming along so beautifully! I worked on two large commercial projects, had my 28th birthday, went camping, got our vaccines, and the covid curfew was lifted in our province after 6 months at home.

Now I’m settling back into a slower pace of life, and taking the next week to finish up all the final files and write captions for my book so it can be sent off to the printer!! You can pre-order the book here ٩◔‿◔۶

FACT: Did you know there are an approximated 10+ billion squirrels in the world? That’s more squirrels than humans. I love that for us.

Above are some images from last summer that didn’t make the final cut in the book but I still love - of life around my house and neighborhood, sweaty 2020 Montreal days. I have AC for the first time this year, excited to level up!!!

  1. Interview on Puberty with Joanna Creswell on Refinery29

  2. British Journal of Photography featured Puberty as one of their books of the month!

  3. Behind the scenes of my passion for interior design & king baby lifestyle / kitchen mural painted by Nina & my birthday cake by Violet Bakehouse

  4. Call for submission for LGBTQ+ artists! Queering the Cream City is a public art exhibition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin organized by Vaughan Larsen / Curated by Vaughan Larsen, T.J. Dedeaux-Norris, and me - submit your work here:

My friend Dylan sent me his children’s book RAINBOY to review this month and oh my gosh, what a beautiful book it is!! Gorgeous watercolours illustrate the story which is about being different and coping with our feelings - so wholesome and totes appropriate for all ages. You can pick up a copy of the book over at Chronicle Books, I was shocked to see it’s only 16.99 as it’s such a beautiful hardcover book!!!

Dylan Glynn is a painter, author and animator based out of Toronto, Canada. Website / Instagram

  • mood for the coming week of working on my book:

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