October Letter

Happy Halloween & congrats on making it through another month!

Nina calls Halloween the Gay New Year’s - we’re both homebodies these days so we are spending this one like usual, cozy at home in our onesies with Vashti and a festive cheese board.

Puberty pre-order - I made some colour test prints & sent them over to the netherlands where the book is being printed - excited to see the full book soon!



Read my interview in The New Yorker - special thanks to Liz and Noelle who edited this piece!

Check out the new prints in my store! I made some fun things to adorn your walls

ps - make sure to order asap to receive in time for the holidays (▰˘◡˘▰)

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✿ attn editors & clients ✿ Liam will be travelling and taking on projects in North Carolina from mid-November through January!

Heavy Manners Library in LA - on instagram @heavymannerslibrary // website

Toutoune Gallery in Toronto - on instagram @toutoune.gallery // by Ginette Lapalme

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