Puberty Monthly - April

Happy Friday and congrats on making it through another month!!! I can hardly believe it but I finally finished sorting through, retouching, and sequencing all of my images for my upcoming book Puberty - it’s coming along so beautifully and I can’t wait to show you!

My daily mindset this month is: What would Dolly do? 

ps. did you know there are more penguins in the world than people in “Canada”? 40 million penguins! penguin country

Above are some images I recently edited for my book, from spring/summer/fall 2020 -dreamy pink vibes.

I’ve been sharing my book editing process on Patreon, come join me on there if you’d like to see more + all patrons will receive a small one of a kind signed print in the next pen pal letter ♥

Tax season sale! Everything in my shop is 50% off for a week so I can make space for the spring prints coming next - use code TAXSEASON at checkout ✿

Feature on New Queer Photography for Polish Vogue:

I feel like Vivian and I are on the same wavelength so I wanted to give her a shoutout - here for the valley girl workout vibes, snacks and sphynx parent autobiographical shenanigans!!! Below is some recent work of Vivian’s - check it out on instagram @vivianisvulgar & on her newsletter + website.


KING BABY - as in: invite playfulness into your life! treat yourself like you would a king baby


Nelly hot in here, The Simlish version


Prince is releasing political commentary / music from the grave and it’s so good. It’s still Prince’s world and we’re all just living in it. More about his upcoming album here + listen to the single “Welcome 2 America” here:

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