Puberty Monthly : February

Hi friends! Laurence here - congrats on making it through the coldest month of the year!!!

My notes on February:

  1. Every single person I know including myself is behind on their emails (if that’s also you, hi).

  2. I feel like we need a collective month off.

  3. Some things I’m grateful for: longer days, discount valentine’s day chocolate, getting older, squirrels.

I am deep into editing and sequencing my upcoming book, and diving into my night person tendencies to make it happen - there’s nothing like the stillness of the world at 4 am to make me feel calm and focused.

I passed some kidney stones at the beginning of the month which took over my whole life for a couple of weeks, but am feeling much better now - forever fascinated by the body’s ability to move through pain, heal and adapt. 

Here are some things I’ve enjoyed and want to pass on to you this month, in hopes it will bring you some joy  ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

The work I’m sharing with you this month was shot shot during forest fire season in BC this September, spending time with my gay family and soaking in the nature. They’re very meditative photographs that feel grounding to me and make my heart sing - shot as part of my ongoing autobiographical project Puberty.

Take a look at the work of these renowned Black photographers & collage artists who are currently offering print sales ~ perfect occasion to beautify your home & invest in Black art ~

1. Rochelle Brock: print store / insta @rochellefatleopard 

2. Philip Daniel Ducasse: print store / insta @philipdanielducasse 

3. Black Women Photographers : print sale (this work is by Poochie Collins - insta @poochiecollins) / insta @blackwomenphotographers

4. Black Women Photographers: print sale (this work is by Daniella Almona - insta @daniellaalmona / insta @blackwomenphotographers

5. Juliana Huxtable: print store / insta @julianahuxtable

6. Mallory Lowe: available prints (dm or email artist to purchase) / insta @lowemallory

7. Kendrick Daye: print store (this work: Marsha P Johnson collage) / insta @kendrickdaye

8. Kendrick Daye: Black Queer Tarot Deck / insta @kendrickdaye

9. Sol Bela Mele: print store / insta @solbela

& please consider supporting my friend Delovie, an award-winning Black queer photographer currently based in South Africa, so that they can attend photo school & continue making the important work they do <3


  • I made a playlist of (loosely) love-themed songs to boost my serotonin this month, listen to it here ♥‿♥

  • poopsie slime surprise, on loop:



  • In lieu of traveling, I have been watching walking tour videos from all around the world while I work. I think these are going to become increasingly popular this year - just search the city/country of your choice + “4k walk” in youtube and you’ll be ~immediately transported. My favorite channel is Seoul Walker:


  • Elaborate Jelly Cakes are all the hype right now! It’s like the 1700s all over again and I am here for it.

  • My Cookie Cake Recipe: take any cookie baking mix and prepare the dough as instructed - instead of dividing into cookies, spread the dough into a cake pan and bake for 30 min. I also like to add walnuts to the mix and frozen raspberries on top. Enjoy!

Top 3 best ways to support my work

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