Puberty Monthly : January

We made it to the end of of the month!!! Or to February, depending on when you read this.

Here in Montreal we are deep into winter, and we’ve been under some form of lockdown since October. As of this month, there’s also an 8 pm curfew province-wide. I’ve been adjusting to working almost entirely at night, and using the daylight hours as my me time.

Being real: I’m having a fairly cozy time, but the pace at which we’re expected to live and produce feels particularly challenging under present circumstances. 

Here are some things I’ve enjoyed and want to pass on to you this month, in hopes it will bring you some joy  ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

Sending you lots of love!

ps - don’t give up, just take a break instead!!!

Jan 2021 marked two years of shooting my project Puberty!! Two years of daily self-documentation and very slow time travel. Sometimes this project feels like an endurance test, and most days I have to bully myself into taking my daily pictures - but I have a million ideas bubbling in my head and am very eager to see where else Puberty can take me as I enter the third year of the project.

Below is an edit from this month: lots and lots of snow, naps, and bright colours at night.

  1. Gorgeous mini valentines by Nina Drew

  2. Iconic original art by Rachel Louise Hodgson for your art collection

  3. Pink Pre Rolled Cones for your stoner valentine

  4. Literally the coziest fancy loungewear you will ever find by Eliza Faulkner

  5. All I want for valentine’s day is this potato plushie (◕‿-)

  6. Or any snacks from Sukoshi mart

  7. Aleia’s back at it with amazing snail valentines

  8. Cats by Walter Chandoha for your coffee table

  9. Creepy Gals’ entire universe is valentine’s day heaven/hell

  • A portfolio of work from Puberty was published in The Eyes : Transgalactic, it’s honestly such a gorgeous book, you can get yourself a copy here!! You can also view my work on Vogue Italia as part of this book ~

  • Ditto for New Queer Photography, which is a gorgeous 304 page anthology edited by @benjaminwolbergs. I’m so grateful to be a part of it - it’s the kind of book I can imagine my teenage self stumbling upon and feeling really inspired and empowered by.

  • lastly, this stunning 2021 calendar curated by @thisisnodrama - you can message them directly to order a copy. All proceeds go to queer community organizations chosen by each of the artist featured in the calendar!

& it’s not too late to order the Women Photograph 2020 Annual book! I have some work in it alongside so many beautiful + important images by women & non-binary photojournalists.

I upgraded my photo gear this month, after working with the Canon 5D Mark III for the last four years. I switched to a mirrorless camera and am now working with the Canon EOS R, which I would 100% recommend if you’ve been looking for a solid day to day professional camera - especially if you already have Canon lenses.

Top 3 best ways to support my work!!

  • Purchase prints via my print store! I still have a few items in stock from my winter sale & will have all new prints and postcards in the spring. I’ve been getting more and more into customizing my packaging so that receiving your print is a moment of joy in your day (✿◠‿◠)

  • You can now leave me a tip any time directly on my website! All tips will be invested back directly into sustaining my practice and creating more work

  •  I am open to sponsorships as a means of sustaining this newsletter. Feel free to reach out if you/your brand are interested in working with me at any time - you can respond directly to this email!





  • I think the #1 home decor trend this year will be ~ergonomic home offices~ - hot tip : raise/elevate your monitor if you can! I also find that using a backless chair/stool helps with back pain.

  • smart bulbs, and coloured lights in domestic spaces in general. big fan.


  • the food of the month is Pedialyte, because I’m currently getting over food poisoining - stay hydrated!

See you next month!