Puberty Monthly: March

Hi friends! Congrats on making it through another month ( ・_・)♡

First order of business: you can now pre-order my book Puberty here!

I haven’t launched the official pre-sale campaign yet but I wanted to share this with you as a ~newsletter exclusive~ 

This past month I tried just about every possible sleep schedule to see what actually works best for me — my take away: it made me more aware of my energy levels + in tune with my body & got me in the habit of planning something to look forward to first thing in the morning like a bike ride, eating my favorite snack, watching a new show etc to motivate myself to keep up the schedule.

I was on a 5 pm - 1 am sleep schedule for a while but now that spring is here I’ve switched to a Basic CEO schedule (9 pm - 5 am).

Here are some things I’ve enjoyed and want to pass on to you this month, in hopes it will bring you some joy  ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

I spent the last month digging through the Puberty archives in preparation for my book - it felt like the closest thing I can imagine to time-travel. Above is a selection of new images I uncovered from 2019.

This month I got to work on some cute images with my pals Cam & Lucky for Lacoste x Polaroid x Urbania (article is in French) // I’ll be launching my spring print sale + lots of fun stuff next month so keep your eyes out for that !

For Women’s History Month, I put together a gift guide to support the girls: trans-women-led small businesses + independent artists you should check out!

  1. Them Cosmetics, for all your false lash needs

  2. Eliza Kavtion’s album The Rez That Svmmer, a moody masterpiece

  3. Kama La Mackerel’s award-winning poetry book, Zom-Fam

  4. Gorgeous limited edition prints from Tourmaline’s solo exhibition “Pleasure Garden”

  5. Cute goth tees & more from Made with Malice

  6. Nail Transphobia shirts (also available as hoodies, longsleeve etc)

  7. To My Trans Sisters, a beautiful collection of essays curated by Charlie Craggs

  8. Treat yourself and watch / rewatch POSE (who’s excited/sad for the final season? coming out may 2 omg)

  9. & if you want to dive deeper into it, you can read POSE writer/director/all around Icon Janet Mock’s two memoirs “Redefining Realness” & “Surpassing Certainty”

I also wanted to give shout outs to Hobbes’ newest self-portrait, and this custom Bratz doll of model Aaron Philip (would purchase in a heartbeat if it was available!!)


My friend Hana made the loveliest playlist that’s been perfect for rainy spring mornings, 10/10 would recommend - listen here

If you’re not listening to Montero (Call me by your name) on repeat right now, what are you waiting for? I demand a Lil Nas X movie in Imax 3D!!!


I’m continuing my ASMR journey, this month it’s :


  • Hot pink is making a comeback - mark my words within a month or two it will be everywhere.


Check out Workflow @ Format - it’s a new tool designed by Format to help freelancers keep track of all their clients, budgets, files, etc. They’re offering a year’s worth for free until March 31 so get on it if you’re interested! I’ve been with Format since 2014 and I couldn’t recommend them more, it’s web hosting designed with photographers in mind.


  • Flavour of the spring: Spicy Dill

  • Cucumber as a side for breakfast - try it out!! 

  • I’m currently obsessed with this yerba mate (free delivery in Canada)

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