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About me

My name is Laurence Philomene and I am a non-binary artist from Montreal, Canada. I create colourful photographs that centre queer and trans experiences, often through long-form and autobiographical projects.

My work is informed by my lived experiences as a chronically ill, non-binary transgender artist coming of age amid the rise of social media. Gaining an interest in image-making in my teenage years, I have since used photography as space to both experiment with, and document identity as it comes to be expressed through gender.

My practice celebrates trans existence and studies identity as a space in constant flux via high-saturated, cinematic, vulnerable images. Through a process of mutual [and self] care, my photographs humanize identities that have been historically marginalized, and act as a love letter to my community. 

About Puberty

Puberty is an ongoing colourful autobiographical self-portrait project that looks at the intimate and vital process of caring for oneself as a non-binary transgender person undergoing hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), and celebrates transition as a space for exploration without a fixed end goal.

Since January 2019, I have been documenting the changes testosterone generates in my body and moods through daily photographs. The resulting images are simultaneously staged and candid, created by setting up a tripod in my home as I go about my routines. Set in highly-saturated domestic spaces, these photographs look at minute details of transition which are seldom represented and given access to. 

Puberty takes root in the tradition of diaristic autobiographical photography - namely Nan Goldin’s classic Ballad of Sexual Dependency, as well as the works of photographers such as Texas Isaiah, Hobbes Ginsberg, and all my trans siblings reclaiming our narratives. 

Having dedicated my practice to documenting non-binary lives over the last 5 years, Puberty allows me to dig deeper into what it means to reclaim autonomy over our stories as marginalized individuals. In addition to this, I work with the hope of providing representation to and solidarity with future generations of queer and trans individuals as they navigate both personal joys and institutional hardship and erasure.

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